Friday, 29 January 2010

What to call this post?

Shall I call it "Learning a new perspective" or perhaps "There are some awesome people out there"?

My recent pursuit of new interests and wants has introduced me to all sorts of folk...but what has struck me most just lately is the kindness, caring attitude and generosity of some people. People I barely knew six months ago have helped me progress so much. People have even given up their free time to teach me ( and Mr Doxie ) new things we want to learn. When I have struggled they have stretched out a hand to help...on a few occassions when I have stepped out of my comfort zone, I've found myself in fight or flight mode...I have really wanted to run ( to say I felt traumatised a few times just lately is no exageration ) but I haven't, because people have recognised what was going on and stepped in to help... teaching me that if I take a deep breath and work through my fears I can get through the scary stuff and I WILL progress and get somewhere. When I later thanked one guy and confessed to him that I wanted to leave and never come back, he said " We wouldn't have let you!" I don't know how that reads on the page, but how it was said was really quite lovely and then I realised that you should never let the *obscenity*'s
get you down ( or take you down with them ) because there are far more beautiful folk out there who are willing to catch you when you fall and not only that, but hold you up high afterwards.

I am in a very happy place just now. Apart from having recent good news about health in the family, I guess it is all part of the evolving Doxie. I feel blessed to have met some of the folk I know... and they are teaching me a new perspective on life ( or maybe it is the old perspective that got buried somewhere along the way ) basically I am focusing on the positive, I am learning to see with "new eyes" ( as my friend Min would say ). I am seeing what I want and like, learning that to get there I need to ignore the spanners in the works... As I write this on one subject, I realise this applies to everything... including something my driving instructor has been trying to get into my head...don't focus on the fact you made a mistake, focus on putting it right! :o) I know what to call this post...

Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative!!!

I think I have just chosen myself a signature tune for 2010.

Doxie, loving life!

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