Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Action man will never be the same!

Okay, you remember quite some time ago I posted under the subject of storage? Well, all Action Man fans leave the room now or skip to another post...either that or prepare for years of counselling...You have been warned...

... the solution was a fishing tackle box to store my cosmetics in...well I found I had the closest thing already indoors without having to go out to the fishing shop...DS was throwing out his army green Action Man assessory box!!! It is perfect! I didn't see the irony in it until DH commented that Action Man would be laughed out of town if anyone saw it...I was going to take the stickers off but have decided against that as it amuses me silly every morning when I plonk it next to me to do my face!

Sorry Action man, I hope you have a sense of humour!!

GI Doxie

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