Friday, 1 January 2010

Best Wishes for 2010

Well it's here finally! Happy 2010 to all.

Our lovely neighbours invited us in to see in the New Year. They thoroughly spoilt us with homemade cooking and lots of booze. I took a few homemade bits around too and by the end of the evening or should I say 3.30am when we left we were stuffed but happy. :o)

It's funny how you can live right next to someone and not know that they share the same interests as yourself. It seemed what ever subject came up, it was something we had in common. Life is so busy, usually we just find time to say a quick "hello" on the doorstep or drop a parcel off...these guys live right next door and yet we didn't know that we spend alot of weekends doing the same things or at least dreaming of doing the same things. I feel a New years resolution coming on...get to know the neighbours better and make time to spend some leisure time together!

On the subject of resolutions, I wonder what you dear reader have set yourself up for? Myself, well it is a bit of a one off for my birthday I want to have a six pack and ask one of our portrait photographer friends to paint me in light and take a pic as a record that once in my life I looked after myself!!!( okay you can get up off the floor and stop laughing now!) The day after I will start letting it all go again probably, but I know from experience that when I am working out I feel at my best, I have boundless energy, my skin clears and I feel like a teenager, pain free and care free...which begs the question, why don't we keep these things up? Oh if only I could answer that.

I do feel that this is THE year. I will hopefully have passed my driving test which means I can really start being me! I am so looking forward to having that independence, and I can't wait to pay back all the little kindnesses that friends have shown to me...I will enjoy kidnapping them for the afternoon and taking them out for surprise dinners and such.I will be able to persue my business plans which I have been playing with for the last couple of years. I will be able to start running again, sounds odd I know when you don't need a car to run, but this means I can drive to more scenic and suitable places. I plan to entertain at least once a month, with certain changes we have been making this seems very do-able.Life begins in 2010.Happy happy, happy!


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