Sunday, 3 January 2010

Quality friend time

Last night ( or early this morning ) we came back from a super evening round at my friend's new house. After a delicious dinner we retired to the sitting room for some serious catching up and general silliness and laughter.

I did wonder if we might have to stay the night...the weather was so cold and icy when we came to leave in the small hours the car doors were stuck closed...when we did get in and got moving there was sheet ice all over the place. We did get home safely, no thanks to the local council who had yet again failed to grit the very steep hill we had to get up to get home. :o/

My friend did say something which quite upset me when I got to thinkng about it...she told me that when we stopped spending lots of time with other on a regular basis ( We used to see each other a few times a week, but had a change of circumstances ) she felt bereft. Now that is strong wording and I know she means what she says because of the type of lady she is. Isn't it sad that life should get so crazy that we let really important friendships and fun times get squeezed out. Yes I missed the 3 of them terribly but if you are like me you never think that other people could possibly be missing your company as much as you are missing their's. I think there is a lesson to be learned here, and I will try my utmost this year to always have a date set in my diary when we will next be seeing my much loved friends.

Keep up with those who are special to you, just knowing some people makes the world a better place, and you always feel better for seeing them. life is too short to let these friendships slip.

Take care all,


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