Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Being spontaneous

So often I think...Wouldn't it be nice to XYZ but something stops me and I don't for some reason. Well today I thought "What the heck" and phoned LB to see if she wanted to meet for a cuppa...well I am so glad I did as the answer was yes! She had an appointment and I had a few chores to do locally which she accompanied me for on foot...this meant we both got a little exercise which is always good...then we zoomed off to the appointment in her car, she did her thing and we ended up going for lunch and a spot of shopping rounded off with LB kindly treating me to a yummy cup of coffee in the bookshop! :o)

I thoroughly enjoyed my spontaneous day and I think LB did too... She is a naughty girl though...I ended up buying myself a new top, drinking coffee when I'm trying to give up caffeine ( though it was worth it, yum!) and buying stuff for DH in the chocolate shop which she lured me into ( I didn't even know it existed until today!)!!! I told her my good friend should be called my bad friend as I gave into temptation when I was with her LOL. Taking responsibility for my own actions, moi? Nah, that's boring lol.

Be spontaneous today you never know someone else might just be in the same mood...and that's another happy day in the memory bank to look back on! Even Mr Doxie will have benefited by my spontaneity when he finds the chilli flavoured chocolates I have left on his pillow. :o)

Doxie :o)

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