Monday, 4 March 2013

February sewing

I've been busy using up the scraps and practicing new techniques. I've always wanted to have a go at lettuce edging and finally found the perfect project to have a go.


 I started by staring at this pile for inspiration. I liked the narrow bits of lace in the picture. It would have been a shame to cut up the long lengths into small pieces so I decided upon a scarf.

 I cut the man's t-shirt into strips and joined them...that gave me lots of length to practice the lettuce edging! I used up an entire reel of thread and had to swap colours. I am surprised it worked so well seeing as the fabric was not very stretchy...mind you I REALLY did pull it HARD! My hands ached lol.

 This is the under-side. I did a long running stitch down the centre and ruched it up...looks pretty without any extra embellishment really! I might make some plain scarfs like this at a later date :-)

  I squared up one of my late Father's ties and used this as the main panel then attached some lace down each side. I used silver thread and a decorative stitch...the thread shows up better in real life and looks quite attractive. 

I made the flowers by cutting up strips of fabric, twisting and folding them and stitching as I went along...A neighbour taught me how to make flowers out of ribbon like this when I was a child, so glad I can still do it lol.

This is the finished article. As you can probably tell it stands up around my neck almost like a collar. I have to say this is one of my favourite recycling projects to date. I have worn it quite a few times already and it feels special. You'd never think it was made from scraps!

Sorry the text is all a bit weird and heavy, I am not sure what I've done...hopefully the next post will be more normal lol.