Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The question is...

... What is the worst time to be asked to be a photographic model?

I know the answer to that question...When you washed your hair the day before and let it dry naturally whilst wondering around the zoo. Then the next day (the day in question ) the only pressing things were a driving lesson ( and I am sure my instructor doesn't care whether his pupils look like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards) and a shoot where you are thinking everyone, including yourself are going to have their lenses pointing at a pretty young model ( note not a middle aged housewife!) so you didn't bother styling it!!!


You are knackered and look it...the reason being you didn't go to bed until 3 o'clock in the morning because you were getting pics ready for an exhibition.


You have makeup on at 8pm that you put on at 8am and just plastered a bit more on top to at least give the impression that you might be human and not something that just crawled out from the crypt!


When you are wearing jeans with dobermann footprints on


Worst of all you feel extremely nauseaous as you are fighting a migraine and really only attend that night thinking when you've given your pics in you can go home to bed.

...oh and I forgot when you are wearing a frilly top with snowboots!

Well if all that made sense, you can guess what happened to me during my first group portraiture session.. There were 2 mobile "studios" set up and only 1 model so I was asked to fill don't get me wrong... if I was prepared and none of the above I would have thought "what the heck, just have a go for a laugh" but, well, erm, CRINGE! What's the betting they won't ask me again? LOL.

Doxie who is not about to make it big in the modelling world

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