Thursday, 28 January 2010

It gave me a fright... goodness knows what it did to her!!!

Whilst on my latest driving lesson we were zooming along the dual carriage way ( well I felt like I was zooming, Mr P would probably say I was tootling lol )...I could hear an odd noise and thought maybe I had done something wrong and the gear box was arguing with me... but as we got to a bend at the bottom of the hill,I realised the noise had been people sounding their horns in the distance...what were we confronted with ? elderly driver going the wrong way!!!!!!That was an eye opener...that phrase "always expect the unexpected" comes to mind.

...Anyhow luckily where she had got to, if she drove along a short distance she could have zipped across to another road when some traffic lights changed so I don't think she was somewhere she couldn't have escaped from...but either way it was a shock.

I totally mucked up my bay park today. The bays were on a curve, I dunno if that started me off on the wrong foot. That said however, Mr Patience did word something in a way that clicked today... I think I may be beginning to understand what I have been doing wrong with the steering wheel when trying to go from full lock to straightening up.

...Oh by the way I have booked in for my theory test...I am dreading that more than the practical, but it is a means to an end and can't be avoided. :-/

Doxie...Ho hum.

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