Friday, 30 September 2011

latest pic of Elliot

Here's the latest picture of my baby...isn't she a darling? She's now choosing to fly out of the cage and land on my hand...the last couple of weeks she has also started to allow me to tickle her on the top of her head, she really seems to enjoy it, awww!

I have news...besides Elliot we have another addition to the family...I will try and get pics this weekend and post soon :)

On other subjects...At the moment we are having a may not be as hot as some countries but it has come in with a blast and we have not had time to acclimatise, phew! The forecasters say it will turn nasty next week though so we are all trying to make the most of the lovely weather. It is so odd, it is hot enough to get sunburnt but the Christmas trees are already appearing in the shops...this is most unlike England lol.

Today my friend J passed his driving test, both he and DS used 'my' driving instructor and we all passed first time :) so everyone is happy including our instructor :)

Sharp End is still with us...I won't say he is going strong but he does have his lively moments...usually when he knows food is around!

Yesterday my eldest sister came to visit. She has just got her first car after being without for about 30 was lovely to see her and have her stay until late in the evening. We had a good natter and did a few crafts together, a lovely day :)

Well I think that is all for now.
Best wishes to you all out there in blogland
Dox :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Having a go at Brioche

I'm still exploring new ( to me ) doughs in the kitchen. I'd never tried making Brioche and yesterday took the plunge...have to say I am very pleased :) I chose to make Cinnamon rolls...very easy, looked good and tasted even better!

I sent a few next door whilst they were still warm but haven't had the verdict yet. Today some friends turned up unexpectedly and I still had a bag of dough in the fridge so it was just a matter of rolling it out, spreading the filling, leaving to rise and baking...a real treat to share :) I read that you can freeze the dough so I'm definitely making a few batches to put in the freezer nearer Christmas friend James said today " Mmm, all that's missing is the snow, lol" I think they'll go down a treat during the festive season :)

If you've not tried Cinnamon rolls made with Brioche, I urge you, have a go, you won't regret it, yum!

I'm certainly enjoying the new doughs, but the only thing is, my waistline is expanding, YIKES!

Doxie :)

Stash bash

My piles/boxes/bags/baskets of 'spare' fabric and things that I want to use for fabric is getting the better of really is outgrowing it's space. Mr D had a sort out of clothes he no longer wears and this of course just added to my pile...I just love some of the prints...didn't love them on shirts but really like them for crafts :)

nice print but didn't like it as a shirt       

I've decided September will be a 'Stash bash month'...I've got lots of sewing projects that need to be done and I haven't had the machine out for ages...also I've seen some gorgeous fabrics in the shops but there is no way I can justify buying any new stuff until I have made a considerable dent in what I have! So...project number one was a bag to store Mr D's climbing shoes :)

I really pleased with it    
 I'm pretty chuffed that the fabric looked so good when it was used on a smaller project and Mr D still gets to enjoy his funky print :) I'm also chuffed that I actually remembered to leave an opening for the many times I have merrily stitched away on the sewing machine and then found I forgot to leave a gap and had to undo the seems I am learning from my mistakes lol.

Nice and roomy
 There is plenty of room for the shoes and maybe even his chalk ball bag will fit too if he wants to store them together.

I had some cord lying around from another project and always have a supply of toggles and fastenings so it didn't take long to complete. I just have to find a use for the remainder of the shirt...perhaps patchwork...I shall add the buttons to my 'button jar' so as much of it can be recycled as possible :)

I hope you are all well and happy out there :)

Dox :)