Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's snow joke trying to... in Winter weather! (Sorry couldn't resist!)

We are having the worst Winter weather for 25 years and today I ventured out in it for a driving lesson. Some folks might think it rather mad but I felt it was a great opportunity...there will eventually be a time when I get caught out in the slippery white stuff on my own and I would rather my FIRST time be sat next to someone who knows what they are doing, or what I should be doing. It was a bit scary at times but mostly not the horror I thought it was going to be. I learned about getting the speed up on the downward part to make it back up the hills ( something I would have chickened out of if I was on my own and it was the first time I was out in it ), I learned how to get out when stuck in a rut in the snow by inching forwards and backwards continuously. I also learned that my instructor is way better at making a snowball than me! my defence, I did not have gloves on!

All in all it was a good experience and I am pleased to say the only casualty was one of my false finger nails...I just hope I lost it lobbing a snowball back and NOT in his car or that would be a gross find when he next hoovers it out, eek!

I do hope I can remember all he taught me today and it keeps me safe in the future.

Save driving and keep warm everyone.

Edited to say when I went out again it was quite scary when I didn't have the guts to get the speed up when approaching a hill...we slid all over the place, but somehow I managed to get to the top, only just though. It was a BIG learning experience and yes now I know that sometimes you just HAVE to do things even if it scares you. Phew!

Doxie :o)

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