Sunday, 27 December 2009

I just can't stop...


Since my new cooker finally arrived I have been on a baking binge.I have baked every day and generally several times a day. Everyone must have baked goods...not because I am good generous sort, but because otherwise I will put on a stone in weight at a rate never known to man.

I gave up "real" baking long ago in the old cooker, it was just too discouraging. I would follow the recipe but more often than not it would not come out right, the result usually more charcol than golden brown. With the new cooker there have been no horrors AND I am trying new recipes with success first time around.If there is a baking heaven I am in it. I am thrilled with this new cooker and it has made me realise that the problem before was definately not me but my old and ancient cooker.

To make life even more rosy I have invested in a new utensil which is making pastry a breeze...a pastry cutter! For years I thought they were a gimmick...well to anyone that has not used one they most certainly are not.No more pastry under the fingernails, no more aching hands if the fat was too hard when you were trying to rub it it. What you have is a cleaner and lightning quick way of making pastry. I have started making 2 batches at a time.

I plan to start putting some of the recipes I am enjoying online. Most homely folk will have baked the same things over and over I am sure, but you never know there maybe someone out there just starting out. :o)

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