Thursday, 12 March 2009

Yea! Spring has Sprung

Spring sprung today.

The weather may be dull outside my window right now but we have had a lovely day.

The morning was spent being very studious doing lessons. A unanimous vote then meant we needed a treat, so we scooted off to a nearby cafe with some friends. After a rather scrummy and fun lunch we all bundled back to our place to do more lessons and have a bit more fun. After a good half hour of P.E. aka "taking the dog for a walk", the boys drew the short straw and did English. The girlies got the much better end of the deal as we continued with a sewing project we had started a few weeks before.

And to allude to the title...we then planted the first seeds of the season, yay!

The idea was that said friends ( who I shall refer to in futher posts as the 3Ms, short for The Three Musketeers ) would take theirs home so we could compete against each other to have a

" Who can grow the tallest sunflower"

competition; but alas it was decided that certain members of their menagerie ( quack quack ) would devour them pronto. So it looks like we will be the guardians of their entries...somehow that just seems a bit unfair, but hopefully means they trust me not to lovingly feed their pots with weedkiller or condemn them to whatever the saboteur's choice weapon is these days.

Off now to take the dog for a run...see you anon...

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