Friday, 13 March 2009

The Verdict

Raspberry , sweet waffles and ice cream

Rabbit stew, minted peas, mashed potato and crusty rolls

The critics have left the table, the plates are washed, and now the verdict has been delivered.

I decided to serve the minted peas separately. We had mash on the side and crusty rolls.

Taste 10/10

Really scrummy, we all liked the taste. We decided it was turkey like.

Presentation 10/10

The joints stayed together well and looked more like a casserole than a stew.

Texture 10/10 Really nice, a cross between red meat and turkey.

Overall experience 4/10 :o(

The reason why...firstly bones, secondly bones and last but not least the bones! Okay I know everybody who has ever told me about eating rabbit has mentioned the bones, but it is not until you actual nosh up on it that you can appreciate how fiddly the bones are. It was not just a case of small bones but there were slithers of bone, rather like fine shell. Very easy to miss if you were not concentrating and picking your way through it...and lets face it, you want to relax when eating. So sadly the verdict is very tasty but this is not going to feature as a regular at our dinner table. I have to admit I am disappointed as it was so easy.

On a good note, we had a new to us dessert...Hot sweet waffles with raspberries and ice cream. Yum! quick to do and fairly light, a nice way to round off a meal.

Edited to add photos you see at top of post and to say that today our friendly butcher told DS that he doesn't worry about getting the shell like pieces of bone as they are so brittle they break up...Mmm will I be tempted to give this another go sometime?
Until next time,
Doxie x

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