Saturday, 14 March 2009

My Kinda Saturday

This is the result of my pottering around in the garden today. The flowers are primroses and pansies. One of the primroses looks a bit poorly but I am hoping it will buck up now it has it's feet in the ground. Can you see that little fellow there keeping guard?
Meet Edwin, the garden gargoyle...If that is how you spell it. It’s not a word I'm used to writing. We brought him back from a holiday in Cornwall years ago. I fell in love with him as he is so unusual being a cheery gargoyle, not at all scary like those on historic buildings. We have an understanding Edwin and I, he guards the flowers and if he does it well and looks his best I make sure he has pride of place each year. So far he's done a good job.

And here are the flowers before I put them in, just because I thought they looked lovely in a basket.
All in all it has been a good day.I am looking forward to seeing the results of DH’s DIY. He is working on some custom made cabinets to go either side of a shop bought one in the smallest room in the house. The left hand one will be for loo rolls and the right hand one for bit and bobs and cleaning products. I am blessed to have such a handy and obliging DH. So if you are reading this Mr, yes I do appreciate you.
To top it off we have been accompanied all day by the sounds of the genius that is Hans Zimmer.
Until next time,
Doxie x

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