Monday, 30 March 2009

Recycle Alert!

I was cutting up some packaging from a couple of blinds this afternoon and the crafter angel on my shoulder pointed out another use for it which saved it going in the bin.

  • cut into sections, this makes several rectangular tubes
  • make a cardboard base and lid, although for a gift that may not be necessary.
  • Put a personalised printed card/label either on/in the box
  • ta-da! Ready-made fairly sturdy packaging for crafts you are going to sell or give away.

I thought this might be particularly useful for smallish fabric would make them less squishy. Sister Jean might have a harder time guessing what was in her birthday present if it was packaged this way. :o)

I would say though, be careful it is not sharp. Mine wasn't but I know some similar packaging I have cut up in the past has been.

Doxie ( who doesn't actually have a sister Jean, hey ho )

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