Monday, 30 March 2009

Yay! When mistakes go good!

I had this bright idea of putting a table in the kitchen, tucked away in the corner for "Screecher Creature's" bird cage to sit on. I thought the remaining bit of space in front of his cage would double up as a counter top for a little bit of storage.

After the struggle of putting it together ( it was quite heavy, and yes I declined the offer of Mr Doxie helping me because I couldn't wait a single minute to get it into place and see what it looked like ). My excitement ( yes groan, I take pleasure in the simplest of things ) quickly turned to disappointment when I found that in my girly incompetence I had got my measurements wrong ( but in my defence I did measure the table at MIL's AFTER it had been dismantled ).

Feeling rather deflated at the thought of having to dismantle it again, I shoved it in the opposite corner whilst I regained the strength ( imagine dramatic mopping of brow ) and incentive to pull it apart...and then "yippee!" I realised by accident I had somehow shoved it in the the perfect spot. If anyone had suggested I put it where it now was I would have said

"No way there is no room..."

but there IS room, and it is perfection!

I now have a cosy little nook to...
  • sit down and do crafts
  • eat breakfast, lunch and supper
  • read
  • use the computer
  • write

If I want I can fit ( squeeze ) 3 around the table or just leave it tucked in the corner for one or two. Last night Mr Doxie and I shared a late night supper and a glass of wine in what I think I will call "The Nook" . With my little checked tablecloth I felt like we were in a romantic bistro time I shall put a candle and flowers on the table!

I love it when mistakes go good!

"Over and out. Doxie reporting from The Nook! "

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