Friday, 13 March 2009

Gonna cook m'self a tasty waaabbit stew

One of our goals this year is to try new savoury meat dishes. From a personal point of view that means challenging myself to try new meats and cook new cuts that I have never tried before. The past couple of years we have been eating alot more vegetarian meals and they have become a bit predictable and are no longer a challenge.I really like a challenge in the kitchen. We have to eat ( in my book that means cook ), so if it is something you HAVE to do everyday you might as well add a bit of zip and fun to twist a phrase, "spices add variety to life!"

Well today it was the turn of the humble rabbit.

I have decided to start with something really simple, stew. Most of the recipes I could find mentioned cider but I thought I would start plain so we could let the flavour of the meat shine I am following my nose and creating my bunny masterpiece as I go along.

Our friendly local butcher told us that we can cook it like chicken so this is what I have done so far.

1) Rolled jointed pieces in seasoned flour and browned in oil. Removed meat from pan and set aside.

2) cooked a couple of red onions in the pan until soft. Added parsley and thyme, cooked a bit longer.

3) Put rabbit back in pan with onions and poured over some chicken stock ( made from cubes ).

4) Added chopped bell peppers, and a couple of carrots. topped up stock to cover meat and left to cook for a good 1 1/2 hours. The stock has started to thicken so I have put the lid on... it smells good. Will cook on low for at least another hour, chuck in a few minted peas at the end and serve with buttered crusty rolls.

We'll see how it goes, to be continued...

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