Monday, 30 March 2009

Marvellous Monday

The start of a new and exciting week. I am planning on making this "Spring Clean Week". The weather is certainly being compliant, sunny, fresh and warm enough to throw all the windows open.

I have turned the bedroom inside out this morning. The only bad bit was getting the make-up marks off the window sill. Luckily for me we have our storage sorted really well in there. Most of it was custom made (by the talented Mr Doxie) with ease of access in it is just a case of dragging stuff out, hoovering behind and putting bits back. To my absolute delight I found no evidence of spiders or moths so I guess that means my maintenance routines through the year are working well. Apart from the window sill I only have 4 flat surfaces in there, all are in constant use so nothing really gets the chance to sit and stay for long, they just needed a quick dust, wax and polish. Later in the week I shall take the curtains down, give them a launder and "voila" it will be finished in there.

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