Monday, 30 March 2009

Recipe: cheesy baked potatoes

Many people probably do their potatoes this way, but just in case there is one soul out there that hasn't tried them like this, please do try, it is a tasty change to baked potato with the usual topping just plonked on top...and not much extra effort. I hadn't done them like this for years until the other night. It's odd how old favourites seem to slip from your mind and then leap into your memory again for no apparent reason!

You will need

  • baking potatoes

  • Approx half a cereal bowl full of grated cheese for every 2 potatoes.

  • Approx 1 chopped onion ( cooked ) for every 2 potatoes ( you can have them raw but I like to cook them )

  • cooked bacon chopped into bits

  • freshly ground pepper

  • handful extra of grated cheese for topping.


  1. Bake your potatoes until the jackets are crispy, you don't want to do them in the microwave as the skins will be too soft and may tear.

  2. When potatoes are thoroughly cooked and crispy, take out of oven. Leave oven on. Cut potatoes in two, and scoop inners out into a bowl. Mash.

  3. Now add cheese, bacon, onions and pepper to the mash. Give it a good mix to distribute the ingredients evenly.

  4. Put mixture back into halves/skins, dividing mixture equally. They will look like little boats. You can leave the mash bumpy and fluffy on top or squish down with a fork and make a pattern, whatever takes your fancy

  5. sprinkle the extra cheese on top.

  6. Put back in the oven to bring up to temperature and until it begins to brown a little. ( unless you absolutely can't wait, in which case, scoff right away!

There are so many variations on this theme. If you are health conscious they go nicely with a green side salad.


Doxie :o)

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