Friday, 23 October 2009

Woohoo Christmas Club begins.

Next week sees the start of my Coffee and Craft Club Meetings. The idea is a group of us meet once a week in the Doxie house to work on a common project. In theory we will get more done than we would as individuals as we can share the work load... especially when it comes to more tiresome things such as making bias binding ( yawn )... AND we have to keep up with the programme because of the others. The plan is to thrash out ideas for 5 projects to complete this half term ( Okay, okay so the educator in me still thinks of time in terms of... well... terms! I don't think I'll ever shake that lol ) and at the end of it we all go home with one of each. :o) Simple!

At present I don't know if it will continue after Christmas as I have other committments but I did think it would be good incentive to keep the house together on the run up to the festive season AND I can use up alot of "schtuff" by recycling into the multiple projects...see the method in my madness?

It should be a laugh and will guarantee that we get together on a regular basis ( guilt free as we will be working and not just nattering lol ) something we have let slip alot lately. :o)

I'd really like to start with a Christmas pennant as that will allow plenty of time to complete embroidery or applique in our own spare time ( see ever the optimist...I am assuming we will have spare time!!! )

Doxie the optimist :o)

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