Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Old Bag Project

Historical stuff really fascinates me...and fashion is such a great window into our ancestors lives...just think in years to come people will probably think it is cute/funny/a sign of our times, whatever, that the majority of mass produced ladies' bags have a tiny pocket for a mobile phone. I am sure when I have looked inside vintage bags the majority of their inner pockets are much wider, but often the same makes me wonder what they used those pockets for...were they for hairbrushes, combs, powder compacts? Going further back, from what I have seen many designs were simple drawstring designs...I guess the ladies carried them on their wrists, they must have looked very elegant when out walking...maybe this is the thing that brought about the idea of what we tend to think are very or overly, by today's standards, feminine poses if you think about the way you would hold your arm/wrist when carrying one. :o)...I'm wondering if those bags might possibly be a more secure way of carrying stuff when you think about pickpockets...anyway I am waffling now...

Because ( oops I learnt in INFANT school you should never start a sentence with because, sorry Mrs Godfrey, blogging is not good for grammar LOL ) you can vary the style of bags so much I thought I might give myself a little project using vintage bags as a starting point for practicing new techniques. This little selection of bags is quite inspiring. I have a few pieces of crochet I have been wanting to bring into a project and I think this may be the one. :o). Crikey I hope I get to live to 210 years old or I'll never fit in all I want to do!

Doxie feeling quite inspired

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