Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The feminine arts

I am a great fan of the feminine arts. My passions are embroidery and sewing. I also dabble in knitting and crochet.

I have been pondering lately why I like the vintage style so much. I am not a dedicated follower of fashion so it is not just that it has come to the fore lately. I think the reason is that first time around it was a real big part of being a homemaker. Here are my ponderings on the appeal of it for me, nostalgia wise...

  • Things were not mass produced so if you wanted it, you made it
  • Because so much was handmade it was treasured and looked after. It makes one think of days when values were so different to today.
  • Most girls were taught the feminine arts I think of it as being a truly feminine way of expressing yourself
  • Money was scarce so embroiderers/needleworkers made the most of what they had. It was green /resourceful and to me that says a fun challenge.
  • There was no room for extravagence during or after the war so if you wanted bling you had to add it yourself.
  • It was a way of adding cheer to the home. especially with all the little embroidered slogans they used so much
  • It was a very benign way to spend your free time. I have never heard of hoop rage! I am convinced hand sewing slows the heart rate.
  • It teaches patience. You can't rush an embroidery!
  • Being a traditionalist, it was when women were women, not trying to be men...they were homemakers.
  • Alot of the themes were gentle, I personally would rather be surrounded by the calming influence of roses, birds and the such, than some of the more modern looks.

No doubt I will add to this

Doxie feeling girlie and nostalgic

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