Wednesday, 28 October 2009

cheapo thread...don't do it!

Recently I bought a mega box of threads from everyone's favourite catalogue shop. Most of the reviews online said they were okay, a couple said that the thread broke in the machine. Well guess what...the thread breaks in the machine. I can only assume that the people who didn't make such a comment were hand sewers. To begin with I thought it was just one colour, but so far I have used about 6 different colours and they have all broken in the machine. It's definitely not the machine tension either as when I switch back to a well known make of thread it doesn't break, in fact I don't think my normal thread has ever broken on me. Ho Hum, you win some, you loose some.

Another gripe is that this stuff sheds like a Labrador in the Sahara. I cleaned my machine about a fortnight ago and there is already fluff build up. So if you are toying with the idea of a lovely bumper box of threads which work out way less than half the normal price you'd pay and you are addicted to your machine, DON'T DO IT, you'll regret it !

Doxie the disappointed

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