Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I've started Christmas shopping. Hagatha kindly picked me up yesterday and we joined JB and LB ( not related ) for lunch. After a good ol' natter and general catch up we left them and had a nice wander around the shops. I stumbled across a great pressie for DH so I snapped that up as there weren't many left.Hagatha was drooling over something earlier in the day so when we said our " Goodbyes" I whizzed back to the shop and luckily the "one off" thingy was still there! I just have to hope that she doesn't check in here for a bit, but if she does there were a few things she drooled over so she won't know exactly what I got and will hopefully have forgotten by Christmas.

Somehow my handmade Christmas has gone out of the door LOL!

Doxie :o)

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