Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Anti-Jeremy Top for Hagatha

My dear friend Hagatha had an operation a few weeks ago and really needs to wear floaty tops for now and probably a few months more. I bought her a top a few weeks ago but MIL insisted that it was very me...which was weird as I never wear mauve. Anyway I gave in and tried the top on and I am glad and sad to say that it has become one of my favourites...well you guessed...when I saw Hagatha she shrieked

"I love that top, where d'ya get it? "

All us Doxies just fell about laughing at this and I of course, instantly felt guilty and had to fess up! Mind you, she bought me a beautiful zip up jacket at Christmas which never made it under my Christmas Tree, but looks great on her! ;o)

Anyway the anti-Jeremy bit is to hide Jeremy ...which is the name her daughter gave to her condition ( yes nous sommes slightly unhinged here but it was nicer than having to use the medical term ).

Since making one of Rae's tops the other day for myself I could see it would be a perfect disguise for Jeremy so it looks like that is going to be quite high on my list of to-dos. I am not sure how well it will work out taking measurements over the phone though...Our families are on a day out together over the weekend so maybe I should take my tape measure and just ignore the strange looks I get in public as I take her bust and hip measurements LOL.


Edited to say...Oh dear I never made it...but she did recover really quickly so there wasn't such a great need in the end. :o)

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