Sunday, 28 June 2009

Well, it started as a small job but...

we got a bit carried away! You know what it's like...once you start renewing one thing in a room the other bits start screaming out at you...We were just going to fit a new kitchen floor this weekend...but somehow we ended up, stripping the wallpaper, washing the ceiling ( I had no idea it wasn't white! ), stripping the skirting back down to bare wood, priming and finally stripping the floor back to bare concrete...the new flooring is still in it's packaging in the sitting room LOL. Oh well it will look super when we've finished so I suppose it isn't a bad thing.

My dining room is now playing host to the fridge and washing machine and we have disconnected the cooker, so along with the fact that the contents of my kitchen cupboards seem to be scattered all over the house means this is not a project we can take at our leisure.

I found some odd things when I was clearing the top of my cabinets.....I have the obligatory fake onions and garlic on ropes that were all the rage in the 90's, it brought back memories of the holiday I bought them on...oh and all those souvenir mugs that I do actually use...I just rotate them, groan... but where on earth the fake chilli peppers came from I have no idea! They are mightily realistic though so I am quite pleased I found them. I also found a nice collection of toy snails LOL.

My trusty weather man is telling me that we are in for a heatwave ( nothing to do with chilli peppers!) I am wondering if hot weather is perfect for decorating or the worst thing will be interesting to see if the gloss work dries any quicker. I think I will be up at the crack of dawn to do the ceiling whilst Mr Doxie gets a coat on the woodwork before it heats up too much. It'll be fun doing the papering I am sure, that paste is going to dry in minutes I bet.

Poor old Sharp End is a little put out as I have put the stair gate up to keep him from going in the kitchen...never mind modern designer suede look paintwork...we invented fur look paintwork years ago! Anyone whose dog has brushed against wet paint will know exactly what I am talking about... The paint on the doorframes ends up with more hairs on stuck on it than the paintbrush you used to apply it.

Doxie the decorator. :o)

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