Sunday, 28 June 2009

Lady luck was shining on me.

I had to get Screecher Creature a new cage. The base was very cracked and whilst I am sure he didn't mind too much I am sure it wouldn't take another dismantling when I clean it...and what a disaster that would be...a bird with no cage...eek!

There I was sat in The Nook having a quick surf looking to see if I could see a suitable cage... so far I hadn't seen anything any good within my intended budget when Mr Doxie announced we were going out there and then to the DIY store.

Whilst Mr Doxie was loading the car up with our purchases. I thought I'd run to the pet shop...Right there next to the till was a beautiful cage, but one that would have been way out of my budget but I just had a peep at it anyway for a quick dream lol...and guess was half price! I can't tell you how much better quality it was than the ones I had seen during my quick surf. Needless to say I bought it there and then. I was already chuffed as nuts anyway but when the chap in the shop told me that the manager had only marked it down and put it out an hour ago I couldn't believe my luck...he must have been doing that whilst I was looking at them online.

Sometimes things really DO go your way. :o) Screecher Creature is as happy as a sand boy and I am too ( though maybe a sand girl if there ever was such a thing ) because ...not only is it a quality cage, it is attractive, waaay bigger than what he had before and it has some little perspex guards around the base which stop him from throwing his seed all over the room!

AND...the best of all perhaps...I get to do some sewing as his old cover will not fit the new one!

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