Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Knock before you dig...

Because you don't know who's in! Well that is when it comes to compost bins!

"This is my best side, aren't I handsome?"

A good couple of months or so ago I found a Slow worm on the bottom patio...on his back! I don't know if a bird had dropped him for I doubt they roll over on their back voluntarily.I thought he was dead but to my delight the warmth of my hands brought him to...so I carefully put him in the compost bin and he whizzed away at lightning speed. Then about a fortnight later I found this little chap when I was moving the compost bin a couple of foot to the left. I don't think he is the same one unless they grow quite rapidly because the other one was a fair bit smaller. I put him in a bucket with some compost whilst I finished moving the bin ( just incase! They are a protected species so I know how precious they are and didn't want him to come to any harm ) and then put him back in when I had finished.

We found our first ever Slow worm in the compost over 5 years ago so it is a real thrill to know they are still around...we must have created just the right environment for them. I think they mate in June so it looks like I did my maintenance at just the right time. I gave up turning my compost years ago , it really doesn't seem to need it once it got established, it kind of looks after itself...so... I hope we will be blessed this year with a family of little slug gobblers...Now I know the Slow worms haven't deserted us it looks like I won't need or indeed want to use slug pellets anymore. :o)
Doxie :o)

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