Saturday, 6 February 2010

Woohoo, new work area

I can't remember if I wrote about getting rid of our exceptionally large fish tank or not...I can't be bothered to check tonight, so if I am repeating myself bear with me.

We had a VERY large fishtank in our dining room. It was custom made and thus was not of average dimensions. We came to the decision earlier this year that it had to go because it was dominating the room too much and if we put the house on the market it would make the room look much smaller than it is.

Fast forward to fishtank gone and LOADS of space gained. Mr Doxie came up with a brill suggestion for now...why don't I make it my workspace? Tonight I have moved in my desk and sewing machines. It is perfect, I can leave my WIPs out and we still have the dining room table to eat more having to clear my projects away to make room for food! It is a small thing that will make a massive difference to my days. I haven't felt able to get my needlework stuff out for ages because of the aggro...some days I only get a spare half hour or so to do "me" stuff, and a lot of that would be eaten up with setting up and putting away. I am now a happy bunny!!!!

Hopefully this means I will get back to sharing my projects with you. :o) You never know photos may even make a return to my blog LOL.

Doxie the contented. :o)

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