Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What's on your reading list this year?

So what has taken your fancy this year? I started "Beyond Band of Brothers" but only got halfway through...I was really reading it because I thought I should . Not the best reason to read a book...I will probably go back to it sometime but it is a bit boyish for my mood at the mo.
I've had " The Reader" recommended to me and have just bought Mr Doxie "Atonement" so may nick that off him when he has finished.
I so enjoyed the P.G. Wodehouse for light hearted reading last year, so aim to track some more of him down.
Whilst rumaging through the charity shop I came across Brighton Rock on DVD the other day, but have told myself I won't watch it until I have read that that's definately on the list. I studied it for GCSE all those moons ago, so hopefully I have forgotten ( no, not lost )the plot by now!
Top of my list however has to be "Shackleton's Boat Journey" by F.Worsley. I saw an AV presentation showing snippets of the story as part of a photography lecture earlier in the week and it was very thought provoking. When DH and I discussed it afterwards we both agreed that we would have died out there with the dogs. I couldn't shoot a dog any more than fly through the air, so if it came to keeping them or survival I would have been a goner ( is that a word???) I guess that is the difference between a survivor and a victim lol. ... if indeed it is true that they were shot...I shall find out if I read the book as it is a first hand account by one of the men who accompanied him.
Oh bum , there goes the comes the migraine, that'll be fun if I get it when I am doing my Hazard perception tomorrow...good job I can touch type.
What is top of your list?

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