Friday, 5 February 2010

Spring is coming...

The sun is shining, the light has a wonderful quality to it really feels as if Spring is popping it's head around the corner to ask if it is okay to come by some time soon. How I regret not buying the seeds I saw when I was out shopping last night, I have an urge to start some lettuce off on my windowsill!

I was saying to DS this morning how I long to sit on dry grass. I can't wait to pack a picnic and laze with friends in the sunshine. Funny, I don't usually get it when folks say it's been a long Winter...this year I do though, dunno why! Maybe it is my impatience as this year I have so many things planned with the thought that I will have my independence when I have passed my driving test...note I am saying "when" and not "if" :o)

Roll on Spring time, feel free to come and visit asap!

Impatient Doxie.

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