Saturday, 6 February 2010

Making Sweet Memories

This piece of writing is BEAUTIFUL. When I read it this morning I felt compelled to share it.

"We are all making memories in our to-days for our to-morrows. The back-log in the old fashioned fireplace sings as it burns, and one with poetic fancy says that the music is the bird-songs of past years...that when the tree was growing in the forest the birds sang in it's branches, and the music sank into the tree and was held there, until now in the winter fire it is set free. This is only a beautiful fancy, but there is an analogy in life which is actual. Along the days of childhood and youth the bird-notes of gladness sing about us. They sink away into the heart and hide there. In the busy days, the fires of toil and care which follow they ofttimes seem to be lost and forgotten. Then, in still later days, the fires of trial come and kindle about the life, and in the flames the long-imprisoned music is set free and flows out. Many an old age is brightened and sweetened by the memoires of early years. They are wise who in their happy youth-time fill their hearts with pure, pleasant things; they are laying up blessings for old age."

Author J.R.Miller D.D.


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