Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Tomorrow we go for a viewing at the exhibition. I have a few pics on display and Mr Doxie does too. I am wondering if I should have put them up for sale but it is my first time and I am clueless to know what is reasonable to charge. The chap who is running the exhibition says it is totally up to the individual and the sale is between artist/photographer and buyer, he doesn't get involved...he would just pass the buyer our details. The gallery owner would take a percentage of course. We worked out how much we would have to charge just to break even and I have to admit I wouldn't spend that much on a print so I chickened out of the whole selling side. I am just pleased at the moment to think that we were asked to take part...I guess I will get braver and wiser as time goes on.

Doxie, just wanting to share her excitement

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