Thursday, 4 February 2010

The power of music

My Dad died 10 years ago but tonight he was back with me. No don't worry I haven't lost my mind. Late this afternoon I popped into the local charity shop and to my delight found some of my favourite music...the very same that my Dad used to sing around the house. As I danced around the kitchen cooking the dinner it was as if he was there with me singing along by my side! I wasn't sad, it was so uplifting, It reminded me of lovely happy Dad. That said, there is one song I just cannot listen to ( not on the cds I bought today thank goodness ) and if it comes up I just have to, without fail, skip to the next track...that is "Somewhere over the rainbow". I don't know why this is, but it reminds me of him in a sad the blink of an eye it can take me from cloud nine to the depths of despair. Gee how is that for power? Music is amazing isn't it?

Whilst on the subject of the power of music I can't fail to screech my appreciation of Hans Zimmer...but I am afraid I am not going to natter about "Black Hawk Down" or something so heavy, but instead be a complete and utter girlie and talk about the soundtrack to "The Holiday".

IMHO Hans Zimmer is an musical genius. If you have never seen "The Holiday" and are a romantic at heart you do not know what you are missing. Mr Doxie likes to tease me and tells people that all I am interested in is Disney films...gee he knows how to wind me up, that really gets my goat when he starts on that one LOL!For the record, one of my favourite films is The Pianist, and there aint no Bambi hiding in there Mister! ...Back to "The Holiday"... no, it is not a Disney film but it is a slushy feel good movie and I am totally gaga about it... Watch the film before you listen to the music and you will be blown away when you do sit down and listen to it, the music is great anyway, but if you listen to it in "context" it has such is better than therapy ( not that I consider myself to need it, but if I did, I wouldn't waste my money, I would just lie back and listen to Zimmer )It takes you through every emotion in the film and you come out of it feeling thoroughly fluffy, romantic and damned good. When I have learned to drive I plan to take up running again and I just know this will be my all time favourite running music...As I slog up and down the urban highways ( and hopefully more scenic routes ), passer-bys will see some middle aged woman trying to get fit but in my head I will be Cameron Diaz running for all her might back to that little cottage, feeling invincible, full of hope, enthusiasm and that "Yes I've found what I want in life" type of feeling that fills us with indescribable energy and zest for life! In my eyes there is very little to rival that soundtrack in terms of the feel good factor.

I like to think I am mostly a happy person and I do sing quite a lot every day, mostly without realising it until I catch myself or DS makes a comment. I wonder, in years to come if he will hear a song and say " That reminds me of my Mum" in the same way I felt about my Dad today?

BTW if you know me and want to curl up on the sofa next to me with a supply of drinks, snacks and watch "The Holiday" please shout... my family have been subjected to this more times than is reasonable, I think they know the script off by heart now! I could never tire of that film!

Doxie who is off to pop some Zimmer on

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