Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sharp End eats the inedible

Okay I know dogs are renowned for tucking into things that make us go "euw!" but yesterday Sharp End really did something amazing. On returning from a trip out with my neighbour yesterday I found DS in the kitchen preparing me lunch. How kind, thankyou DS. It was just about ready to serve up and he had a bit of an accident with a jar of crushed that the lid came off and he ended up tipping the entire jar into the food! What a disaster...I felt so sorry for him...I did taste it (rather foolishly) and it was truly inedible...I even tried rinsing it under the tap, which I know is not ideal for a stirfry lol, but it made no difference. Anyway we just joined forces and between us we knocked up another one speedy quick. The HOT one was left on the side in the kitchen whilst we ate...and yes you've guessed, Sharp End took a sneeky trip to the kitchen and the next thing I knew I could hear a plate chinking away...he had polished the lot off!!!

The oddest thing is that the stinkiest, windiest canine in history does not seem to have had any side effects whatsoever!


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