Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Action Man Balaclava

Today I realised one of my failings as a Mother...I was reminded that I never did get around to making a balaclava for DS's action man toy!

So to make up for this unforgiveable misdemeanor I shall offer my thoughts on how to make one for all the other little boys out there that are suffering because their Mother's are too sidetracked or busy to invest a few minutes making action man's head that little bit warmer.

My solution is...

1)Get an old man's glove ( that is a glove that is old, not a glove taken from an old man )

2) chop the end off one of the fingers or the thumb.I reckon 1 1/2 " would do it.

3) Stretch it over action man's bonce, mark out where his face is. Cut out that piece of fabric.

4) Pop it on action man to check he can see out okay. If he is pleased with the result take it off and use buttonhole stitch to neaten the cut edges and stop his lovely new head gear from fraying. Voila, RESULT!

I'd love to know if you tried it and if it worked.

All the best,

Doxie :o)

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