Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Making Open Top Bags Secure

My lovely friend Hagetha gave me this bag last Summer. It is not homemade, it says "EAST additions" on the label inside. I thought I would show you the top as I think it is a great way to make those pretty Summer time bags more secure. I didn't do this to this bag myself, it was bought as you see it in the photos. If you added one of those plastic toggles with an internal spring to the drawstring it would be even better.

I haven't tried converting any of my own bags as yet, but I am thinking that all you would need would be a long rectangle of fabric measuring the same as the circumference of the top of the bag, remembering seam allowances. Make the fabric into a tube by sewing the short ends together Attach one side/edge of the tube to the top of the bag on the inside, and hem the now top part leaving a casing for the drawstrings. thread some co-ordinating drawstrings through with toggles and you're done.

I'm thinking it might make the trip to the beach or wherever a little more pleasant... being able to take your prettier bags with you in the knowledge that it would be a lot harder for someone to take your wallet than with an open tote, or less likely for you to drop your best sunglasses out of it, whilst gaily swirling your bag around your head in a carefree manner ( or whatever it is we are doing when we loose stuff LOL ).

I will add that the way I staged the bag for the photos was just to try and show you how it was probably made in terms of the top, and that the drawstrings are not so obvious when you are carrying it around...they do not look untidy in real life. :o)


Doxie :o)

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