Saturday, 25 April 2009

Les Petits Moineaux

We have had real petits moineaux in the garden. It is funny but I never think of them as being babies, as soon as they get their colouring they look old. We have been very amused this week watching a family of 3 baby boys and 1 girl playing on the Acers by the kitchen window. I am not sure what they are up to on there because there doesn't appear to be any bugs, buds or seeds. The boys look really funny as they are not quite fully feathered on their bonces and look like they only have half a head, if you have ever seen them in this state you'll know exactly what I mean. Come next week we probably won't be able to tell them apart from their parents...for now it is a nice distraction whilst doing the washing up. :o)

We also have a darling baby robin. I hope he will become as tame as his Mum and Dad who like to follow me around the garden when I am working out there.

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