Friday, 24 April 2009

xmas card pennant

I had an idea.

Instead of every year swopping Christmas cards. I thought it rather nice if you have a word with your friends to make you a fabric card/in the shape of pennant in 2009 to keep and re-hang every year. It would be enviro friendly, the postman might not be too pleased at not sending all those cards but with email etc these days it probably won't make much difference to him.

If there was a uniform size chosen you could hang them on a line or whatever so they look rather like a pennant it could be quite spectacular, and if you are ever apart and out of contact in the future, you not only can remember them by hanging something with their name up, but if it was made by them, in their own style it would be like a little piece of them right there at Xmas each year.

Each person could decorate with things or in a style that reflects who they are or your connection/friendship. For example my friend J has a spaniel...she could make a fabric pennant with a pic of a spaniel on it.

Doxie, scratching her head trying to think of old and new Christmas traditions

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