Saturday, 2 May 2009


I hadn't found that many slugs this year but didn't want anyone to eat my freshly planted cornflowers so I put pellets down as insurance anyway...boy oh boy am I glad I did!... after a night of rain the flower bed was littered with dead slugs. It was quite a shock to know that many had been hiding where I couldn't see them...a few had got to the odd cornflower but I have no doubt that the whole flowerbed would have disappeared over night if I hadn't taken precautions. They have been picked up ( YUK ) and put in the bin so the birds don't get them, although I do use wildlife safe pellets. ( obviously not safe to slimy wildlife though! )

Doxie the relieved.


  1. Message to all Gardeners ....I like most gardeners suffer from slugs and snails in this damp weather and in fact now that the climate has changed we have the slug and snail problem all year round, I have tried beer traps, copper tape, salt, egg shells, even throwing them in my neighbors garden etc,etc recently a lady gardener recommended a new device to control slugs and snails called the slugbell she has used it and found it to be absolutely brilliant at controlling them I have just ordered 6 of them to place around my flowers and vegetable garden ,here is there web page they use both organic or normal pellets and that the small amount of pellets needed will last up to three months.!!! as they don’t dissolve in the soil and they are pet safe Brilliant for pet owners well, I will let you know in my next blog how I get on as i will try anything to keep my garden looking how it should.
    just thought that your readers may be interested.

  2. Eeek I only just saw your post. I will check this out, thanks...although I hope my Slow Worm will be taking care of them. :o)