Friday, 15 May 2009

Feel the fear and do it anyway...

To quote a book title...( which everyone seems to have read but me lol )...that is what I feel I should force myself to do later , no, not read the book, feel the fear.

Last weekend Mr Doxie took me to my favourite fabric buying haunt, and boy did I go on a fabric buying frenzy!!!...all vintage style of course. Now I just cannot bring myself to put scissors to material. I am full of the what-ifs, even though I had projects in mind for each piece as I bought this the curse of being creative I ask?...We can see a hundred different possibilities for everything we buy...We are scared that we may think of something better after we have made that first cut (eek!). I see this as a perfect example of "Perfection leading to paralysis". The fabric has sat there for nearly a week and I have not started what was I am telling myself that if I go ahead and launch myself into the proposed projects something new will be along super quick to keep me busy anyway I will have forgotten the "what-ifs" of today.

I surely can't be the only one that seems to attach this leash to myself, holding myself back from just going for it! What is the worst that can happen...perhaps I will still want to make the 101 other things out of that particular which case I suppose it means I will just have to go ahead and do more fabric shopping for something similar, now wouldn't that be just unbearable? LOL

Doxie nervously taking the leash off today

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