Monday, 25 May 2009

Top number 2

Last night at about 11pm I had a creative urge ( read as some thrifted fabric and sewing store purchases teasing me from the corner of the room ) I started on another top. It started out as one of Rae's tops but ended up as a bit of a hybrid as I wanted try something new too. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to try when I started out, but it ended up as my first attempt at shirring. It looked a bit plain on the first fitting so I decided to ditch the straps and try some shirred angel wings instead. I was very pleased with the result, nice and girly. ;o)

The tutorial for the angel wings can be found here

It has been a productive day, not only did I manage to finish this top but I also got 11 trays of seedlings pricked would have been more but I was beginning to feel as if I would burn in the sun if I stayed out any longer. Mr Doxie was productive as always...he has been tweaking our wardrobe arrangements...or should I say strengthening them since the pole collapsed under the weight the other day LOL. Thank you Mr Doxie you've done a grand job, it looks lovely.

I have a million and one projects in my mind for this week, but the ones I am really keen on getting done are the re-designing of some bought tops.

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