Saturday, 16 May 2009

Realising that you have to let fabric give up it's former guise

I have a very large fabric recyling box...erm, translate as about 1/4 of the craft room. I have been playing around tonight trying to find the right fabric for a project but have got nowhere...then it struck me...the reason is that I have been looking at things thinking is this worth cutting up for said project. It's daft really as the recycled stuff is just for personal use ( gifts have the luxury of having fabric bought especially for them) so it is of no consequence really...this makes me think that I ought to have a session of cutting up old clothes etc, taking off arms and jjust making lots of large squares of fabric, then I will see it for what it now is FABRIC and not it's former self. How silly it is that the simplist of things can cause such a barrier to getting on and actually DOING stuff. Ho hum.


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