Friday, 17 July 2009

You may be what you eat but you are not what you wear

Silly little observation here...

The other day when I opened the door to a certain friend she nearly fell over with astonishment and announced to the world and their ostrich that I was wearing jeans. She just couldn't believe it so she kept telling me. In my latest round of decluttering this has made it very easy to let clothes go...

I wear jeans practically every day ( apart from in that very hot weather ) and yet my friend says she has never seen me in them ( mind you she is blind in one eye, which could throw the whole validity of this post out of the window )...perhaps we are always going or have been somewhere where I might find jeans not the best option...but to think that she didn't think of me as a jean person is hilarious...she and her family have been here for lunch upteen times, seriously, 2ce a week over a long period of you'd think she'd know me and have noticed what I wear. This got me thinking...what we wear really isn't that important is it? doesn't make us WHO we are. Okay, I know that is a bit of a sweeping statement because after all if you walk around with the same filthy shirt on every day you may be a bit of slob or perhaps can't afford to have your washing machine fixed and have broken both arms so can't wash by hand...but you know what I mean.

I wouldn't suggest turning up for an interview in your pyjamas and telling people that what they see is not the real you...but it just goes to show that people you feel know you really well know YOU and not your trimmings and adornment!

Ho hum life is funny at times.

Doxie the amused

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