Monday, 6 July 2009

oh how freeing this moving lark is

I'm really getting into this moving lark now. I am finding it really easy to let stuff go and whittle the house down to the bare minimum...(that is all the every day stuff, NOT the craft stuff, you'd have to peel that out of my clammy hands)... I am thinking when you go on holiday you cope with the bare minimum so do we really need 3 sieves, 3 can openers, 10 cereal bowls? I think not...and what is the worst that can happen, we will just have to invest in a few more for our new problemo! LOL

One thing I have learned is that I really need a walk in larder or floor to ceiling pull out larder next time...I found about 5 packs of Quinoa in the carousel...hidden from view, had no idea I had them! I've always hated that carousel...I will NEVER be so green to let one of these kitchen shop designers actually DESIGN the kitchen for me ever again...they don't have to actually live with the plan...still as my Mother used to say "

There's no point in getting older if you don't get wiser!"

well aint that true?

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