Wednesday, 15 July 2009

15 is the magic number

Someone asked me today what is the single most important thing you have learned from the Internet. This was such a hard question to answer because the net is such a prolific giver in terms of knowledge...but the answer I would have to plump for ( where the heck does that saying come from I wonder? ) would be ...

"To live my life 15 minutes at a time."

15 is great in all areas of life.

1) If you can't bear an activity, you can at least stick it out for 15.

2) If you don't think you have time in your day for can find 15 minutes if you try.

3) 15 minutes is just right for a power nap...any longer and you are asleep

4) You CAN get more done in 15 than you can imagine.

5) you can even prepare a dinner in 15

15 is magic, it goes quickly when you are hating an activity but you can also achieve so much more than you imagine in that small amount of time...and it is long enough to feel you have pampered yourself if you are up for "me time".

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