Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New visitor to garden

Whilst tidying my kitchen this morning I have been kept amused by a new visitor to the garden...a lovely little Nuthatch. He has been stabbing the peanut feeder like crazy...looks like a little woodpecker at work...and is so acrobatic, he walks down the pole with the feeders on head first, but the thing that has amused me the most is that when he gets a whole nut or seed he brings it over to the tree by the kitchen window, wedges it under a piece of flaking bark and whacks the hell out of it, then takes the little fragments out one by one. What a clever little bird. I guess you could say he was using the bark like a vice. So often you see this kind of thing on wildlife programmes but to actually see it in action is amazing.

If he continues to come every morning I will try and get his photo taken, at the moment I am too mesmerised by his presence to take my eyes off him let alone run off to get a camera. ;o)

In addition to this newbie we have a coach load ( well maybe a minibus load ) of baby Blue Tits coming each day...infact they seem to stay all day, they are there first thing and still there at dusk when you'd imagine that all good little Blue Tits should be in bed. None of them have the blue yet and some are teeny but they all seem very confident and capable of feeding themselves, unlike the petits Moineaux who still seem to rely on their parents until they are quite big.

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