Sunday, 30 August 2009

My first real driving manoeuvre

Today My instructor had me doing 3 point turns, although apparently that isn't the correct name for that manoeuvre???? The roads were quieter being a bank holiday weekend and everything went really well ( in my eyes ). The garden walls locally are still intact and so are my nerves. My instructor did a lot of humming of Beatles tunes today...I am assuming that means he is fairly relaxed with my driving at the mo... or is trying to make me think he is, so I relax lol, he's very good at the psychology of teaching...or maybe he just had the Beatles in his head! I over complicate things usually.

We also did a little mystery tour of some new roads which ended up in a drive by of where a "famous" person used to live...okay big deal you think...well it was to me seeing as our Dobermanns were related, and I got to see where that doggy lived...never mind the famous person... I wanted to imagine that dog staring through the gates. :o)

My instructor makes the lessons very enjoyable which I am so thankful for...after waiting so long to learn I really wanted this to be a fun experience and I am not disappointed one bit... he usually has me giggling, even if it is just to myself.

I LOVE driving. It gives me a real high. Thankfully I don't have to wait long until my next lesson.


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