Friday, 21 August 2009

End of an Era

One of my best friends is moving today. She lived close enough for us to cook each other family meals, deliver them on foot and they'd still be piping hot. If one of us ran out of onions or chillies we could rely on each other to nip around with the required ingredients. We have spent a good few Christmas Eve's ( which is also her birthday, so a double celebration! ) in each other's company knowing home was within crawling distance if we stayed till the wee hours. Still we've had almost 2 decades of this convenient set up so we can't complain. The timing is not bad really seeing as I am learning to drive and where she is moving to is close enough for me to drive and the dinner will still be pretty all in all it will be different and we will miss seeing each other on the hop,but we will still see each other and have a laugh, things will just have to be planned and not so spontaneous in future.

Doxie (who would have had a tear in her eye if she wasn't learning to drive!)

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