Friday, 21 August 2009

modifying skirts

I thought I was done with the sewing lark for a while but when I was going through my wardrobe to get rid of even more clothes I found 3 skirts which I won't be wearing as they are, but I just love the colours and prints...So.. hey ho, it seems I am doomed to sew.

One is a skirt I made a year or so ago that started life as a pair of jeans but it was really an experiment and is a little too Boho for my liking so I will probably shorten it and make it into a fiesta style skirt.

The other two are skirts I bought for my holiday but wouldn't wear here so they have served their purpose and need attacking and made into something more suitable for our up and coming Autumn. They are identical in colour but different weight fabrics so I am not sure how exactly I will morph them into one but I enjoy a challenge.

Will take photos of the before and after. :o)


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